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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marketing Tool--Blog Tour

No matter how we're published, authors have to market their books. For many, including me, that's a hard thing to do, because we have to not only put ourselves--our work, our words, and in some cases our hearts--out for the world to see, but because it's also very difficult to say, "Hey, check out my book. It's awesome, perfect, everything a reader could ever want . . . "  LOL. And yet, somehow, somewhere, we have to try to spur "word of mouth" advertising.

Blog tours can help. Sometimes publishers will put them together for authors, and sometimes authors will put them together for themselves, but this time, my publisher, Covenant Communications, put together a blog tour for Betrayed. The tour is on day 2, and so far I've seen three great advantages: I've received some dream-come-true reviews which have been posted on important sites like Amazon and Goodreads; tweets about my book have surfaced through Twitter; and I am finding new readers.

The bad side of tours? They can be somewhat costly and time consuming to put together, and the cyber-world seems to always be changing, so it's hard to guage how many people are actually seeing it. But that's the case with every marketing tool. As for me, so far, so good--I'm happy with Betrayed's Blog Tour.

Blog Tour Schedule

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