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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christine Bryant--What She Did Right: Emotional Honesty

Debut author, C.K. Bryant, has just released her first novel in the "Crystor series." Because I enjoy imaginative, paranormal novels (though I'm not much into vampires and werewolves), I was really quite interested in reading this novel. The good news: I was not disappointed.

Book Description:
When a photo shoot ends in tragedy, Kira discovers her best friend, Lydia, has been keeping a secret. Knowing the truth, and accepting it, will change Kira’s life forever and thrust her into a world of ancient curses, magical objects, and savage enemies. What happens next will challenge everything Kira knows about her world, herself and the shape-shifting warrior she’s falling in love with. No longer the timid mouse her mother accused her of being, but a woman who finds the mental and physical strength to endure and survive. BOUND is a heroic tale of true friendship, infinite sacrifice and untamed love.

As you can tell from the description, there are many intriguing elements in  BOUND that kept me reading, but what most captured my attention was a tiny plot line about Kira and her mother. I won't "spoil" your read by revealing it here, but suffice it to say that Bryant's emotional honesty felt so real that my heart broke alongside Kira's.

If you like YA paranormal novels--or imaginative sci-fi for that matter--you ought to check out BOUND by C.K. Bryant.


C. K. Bryant said...

What a fantastic review, Ronda. I'm amazed at how each reader pulls something different from the same book. I've yet to have someone hit on the emotions Kira felt or how those emotions touched them while they read her ordeal. Thanks so much for sharing this with your followers.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

You're welcome. :)