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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Quick Writing Tip

Because I'm so busy with marketing both MISSING and TRAPPED right now, I haven't had a lot of time to write about writing on this blog, which is it's main purpose. So, I thought I'd atleast give you this tidbit of "advice": As you move forward with your writing career, HOLD ONTO YOU. Very likely you have a reason you write and/or a message you want to move forward with your writing. If that is so, infuse your writing with it. I don't mean you should end every manuscript with "the moral of the story is . . ." I mean, let your message come through in your stories. For instance, one of my biggest writing goals is to encourage people to act on and increase with the goodness that is in them. As such, my novels contain main characters who not only fight for right but also rely on their inner goodness to overcome their challenges.

Another important part of "holding onto you" is to recognize and use the innate writing talents you already have while working on those you may be weak in. I believe every writer already has something they do well, so if you're good with plots, let that shine in your stories while you try to improve your characterizations, thematic developments, or settings.

Again, HOLD ONTO YOU. The world needs you.

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