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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thoughts on Marketing

Well before my first novel, MISSING, came out, I began to research marketing strategies. I even bought a very helpful book titled, "1001 Ways to Market Your Books." That's right 1001, and that's not all. In fact, the more I research marketing, the more I've realized that beyond the basics--websites, blogs, facebook, etc.--many different, well-proven tactics can produce good results. The trick is to find those that work best for you and then to do them to the best of your ability.

For instance, marketers know "Word of Mouth" is the best marketing tool out there. The problem is trying to foster it. I started out by putting on my reader hat, and asking myself two questions: "What makes me want to buy a book?" and "What makes me tell others about a book?" I then incorporated my answers into my marketing plans.

Related to fiction, my answer to what most made me want to buy a book was "when I believe the book will be well worth my money because I've read something of the author's that "hooked me" to his/her writing." So, my goal became to build my name through magazine writing while I worked toward novel writing. Along with that, I tried to write the best book I could--initially--because of that all important first impression. You, my readers, will have to judge if I accomplished those goals or not. :)

After MISSING was published, I've tried various things. Some have been more successful than others, but the truth is, they've all had some success. The moral of the story? Do something!

As I said before, their our myriads of marketing opportunities out there, and in conclusion, I'll now mention two marketing ideas/events going on right now:

1) I am not my only marketer. I also try to work with my publisher and their distributor in trying to find ways to sell MISSING and TRAPPED. One example of that, is my publisher offers review copies of my novels to blog reviewers and I try to help them find reviewers. Another example, is their distributor does what he can to get my books into new selling venues. In fact, MISSING is now available at Costco in Orem. For my part, I am willing to go down there to do numerous book signings.

2) Hold a big event. In following this advice, fellow author, Jane Still, has created a large event/goal for herself: to sell 7000 copies of her book, Mother's Daze, in one day--April 21. Click here for details. Besides trying to reach her goal, she's having a contest for those who purchase her book, and guess what? TRAPPED is one of the prizes. You really ought to check this one out. Her book could be just what you're looking for to give to your mother (or yourself/spouse) for Mother's Day.

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