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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Word of Mouth and Friends

Advertisers know the best way to promote a product is through word of mouth, so it becomes their--our--challenge to find ways to foster that word of mouth process. Since MISSING was released in October, I've learned that one of the best ways to do this is to establish connections with people. When I say "connections," I don't mean we need to try to rub shoulders--or brown noses--with the rich and famous or even our bosses. We simply need to emotionally/mentally/physically connect with people. Gather friends. Care about others and let them know you care about them.

Creating and visiting/commenting on blogs is one of the ways we connect with people. So is joining groups whose members have interests similar to your own. In fact, it's initially because of connections I've made over the years that MISSING has spread both in cyberspace and in my community. These dear people have bought my book, read it, and recommended it to others. And I am grateful.

In conclusion, as both an example of word of mouth as well as a chance to reciprocate, I happily announce the release of two new books.

The first, as I've already mentioned is MORMON MISHAPS AND MISCHIEF by Cindy Beck and Nichole Giles. It is a compilation of humorous, true events that have happened in church settings. One of my stories is in the book--yay--but even more importantly, their book launching party is tonight at the Orem Barnes & Noble from 6-9 p.m. Check here for more information and to read of other opportunities to meet these fun and talented authors.

The second is by new author, Mary Greathouse. She has come up with a way to help us organize our important family information and documents. It's called "Family Record Keeper," and as part of her online launch of this product, she's offering a contest for a free copy of the book. Check it out here.

Happy connecting!


Nichole Giles said...

Thanks, Ronda! I'm glad to count you among my friends. Can't wait to finally catch up with you so you can sign my copy of "Missing"!

C.L. (Cindy) Beck, author said...

Thanks so much, Ronda. It was really nice of you to announce the release of Mormon Mishaps!

The book is selling out fast and if anyone says they can't find it, please feel free to tell them they can order it at MormonMishaps.com.

I'd like to try to catch another one of your signings for Missing since I missed it on Saturday. Do you have a list of your signings on here and I just can't find it?