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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Signing at Confetti Books in Spanish Fork

One of the best parts of book signings is getting to know and associate with good people, and I wasn't disappointed when on Friday, the 18th, I travelled to Spanish Fork to take part in an event held by Confetti Books and Antiques. I was there during the early hours, so only a few customers stopped by the store, but among them was Nichole Giles, a fellow member of Author's Incognito and co-author of Mormon Mishaps and Mayhem.
There were also two other authors signing that morning/early afternoon with me. A self-published author, Tom Davis, and the well-known, LDS author, Gale Sears. Gale's most recent book is The Route. Tom has had a full, well-rounded, interesting past that has provided him with many stories to share. Gale is a kind-hearted, "real" person. I immediately liked her, quickly admired her goodness, and look forward to meeting her again.

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