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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book Publishing Update

I received a request today for more updates on the publishing process for my book, so while not much has changed recently, I will mention that I am still working on my website and still gathering blurbs. So far, this is the progress:

Website: Slowly but surely, my website is coming together. Since I haven't previously learned how to build a website, I've been doing a fair amount of research over the internet on that process, and as a result, I've changed the format, the template, the navigation process, my photos, and my bio several times, and my guess is I will probably change it more. So, if you fellow writers think you've made it past the revision stage once you've had your manuscript accepted--and even after the galleys are proofed--think again! Revision, like growth in all areas of our lives, seems to be the name of the publishing game.

Blurbs: To this point, I've received them from five readers and I have more coming. Their praise for my book has been very positive, and while I'm finding a great deal of joy in knowing others have appreciated my work, I'm also letting their praise push me to do better with my current WIP.

Which reminds me. Yes, I'm already working on marketing my book even though I don't yet have a definite title or a publishing date; but I'm also moving forward with the first draft of my "quickly-approaching-the-finale," second novel. It, too, is romantic suspense, and I can hardly wait to see how the whole thing finally comes together! JK. I really do know. It's only the romantic, dangerous, sacrificing details I can't wait to discover!

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