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Friday, January 18, 2008

Electronic Ensign Submission

I was wondering if you attach some kind of letter or query when you submit electronically to the ensign for their little "Call for articles" Or "questions" sections. I'm never sure of what to do because I usually research and find out who to address my queries to, but I don't think it's possible in this case. Thanks for your help.

The electronic submission process is fairly new--at least to me; however, I would send a cover letter with my submission, and I would send it to "Editorial Dept" or whoever else their submission guidelines suggest you should send it to. That's all I ever did, in the beginning, even when all submissions were snail mail. As you indicated, knowing and addressing it to the "right" person is helpful, but my experience with the church mags has been that they are first and foremost looking for the "right" article. So, write your submission the best you can and introduce it with a professional cover letter in the body of your e-mail.

Hope this helps.


C. L. Beck said...

Good advice! I think most editors appreciate a short cover letter, even if you can't address them by name.

Rachelle said...

Thanks again Ronda for the sound advice!