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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Gifts

In keeping with the coming holiday, and realizing most of us have "what should I give . . . ?" on our minds, I thought I'd let this blog be a simple "idea catcher" of homemade gifts. I recently read a newspaper article about gifts--who to gift, how much to spend, etc., and it suggested homemade gifts were often the most meaningful; and I have to agree.

One of my neighbors has a very large family and extended family, yet every Christmas they have a party where they one, draw names for who they will give a gift to next year, and two, present their homemade gifts to the person they had all year to think about. What a great, family togetherness idea! Even little kids can be involved in their tradition.

Another one of my favorite, homemade gift ideas, came from a dear friend. She gathered all her favorite recipes together and put it into a recipe book. But that's not all. The best part is she also wrote a little story with each recipe--where or from who she got the recipe and events surrounding it (like a description of how every time she went to grandma's house they had . . ." You get the idea.

One year, my father made my young boys a barn and several animals out of wood. It was a great present. Not only did my children love it, but I still cherish it--you know, the heirloom thing.

These are a few of the great, homemade Christmas gifts I've received or known of, and one of them even incorporated writing! What are some of your favorite, homemade gifts?


Anne Bradshaw said...

I love that idea of the party to decide next years, AND homemade to boot. Will have to discuss that with our tribe when they all descend next week.

My favorite homemade idea this year is the one Julie Bellon describes on my blog this week. It's a gem--and simple--a laminated address/phone refrigerator magnet thing.

Tristi Pinkston said...

When I was about ten, the elderly lady who lived kitty-corner from us made me a doll. She took a small yogurt container and crocheted a skirt that attached around the rim -- the container held it up. Then she made the top part of the dress, inserted a doll head and arms, and attached it to the lid of the container. I'm describing this horribly, but when you put the container together, the doll came together, and you had a secret place to hide things. I still have that doll.

Davis Bigelow said...

My favorite homemade gift was a set of coupon cards I made for my wife - you know, Good for One Free Dish Washing, Vacuuming, Kiss, Date, Bed-making, etc. It was fun and lasted a long time.