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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Block of Promotion

Okay, okay, I know I haven't written for a while. All I can say is I've been trying not to spread myself too thin over the Christmas holiday. In my defense, however, that is exactly (well, almost exactly) one of the bits of advice John Kremer gives in his book, "1001 Ways to Market Your Books."

Yes, I stretched Kremer's meaning just a little, but what he really meant to say was publishers and authors need to focus their efforts on a few, worthwhile marketing strategies before adding more because overloading tends to dilute effectiveness, not increase it. Good advice, I think, in all of our priorities (even Christmas!).

There are many other Kremer tips I especially like, too. A few are (these are not in any particular order):

  1. Give your buyers the best you have, plus more. I know I've never regretted giving more to anyone (except the bank, of course); but I have regretted those times I knowingly held back. An example of giving more, is to offer something free, like a bookmark or a small flyer about the subject.
  2. Work with your editors on marketing. As I said in my previous post, "Editors are People, Too," editors are people, who, just like us, are trying to do a tough job the best way they can. They may even have a lofty goal--a dream book they're hoping to bring to the world--just like we do. BUT they also have valuable experience and a good understanding of the market, so yes, share your marketing ideas with them, but above all, respect and trust their advice.
  3. Let your editors know about your experience, associations, and expertise. These can provide valuable promotional avenues that can not be explored if the editor doesn't know about them.
  4. Spend at least ten minutes every day promoting/publicizing your book; i.e., making contacts, sending post cards/flyers, making follow-up calls, etc.
  5. Last but NOT least, remember "Word of Mouth." It's our biggest promoter, so actively look for ways to get the word out about your book.

As I said, these are just a few of Kremer's marketing tips, there were "1001," after all, but I believe they are among the most important ones to keep in mind, no matter what other strategies we use.

So, what block of advice can you add?


Josi said...

Every one of these is such great advice. I haven't read his book for awhile but I really need to get on that. Thanks for the reminders Ronda, and I hope Christmas was wonderful.

Rachelle said...

These are great for when I have a book published :) For now I'll just keep on writing and not give up!