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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Little Block: Setting

Setting describes the worlds our characters live in--their realities. For that reason, we need to make our settings as believable as possible, and the only way to do that is to include specific, accurate, details. One way I find those details is through searching the internet--especially, are you ready for this--blogs! Blogs hold all sorts of personal insights and photos about places. For example, I hopped by Rachel Nunes's blog and discovered she'd written descriptions of the exotic places she's visited . I also used blogs in researching certain parts of the setting in the romantic suspense novel I'm currently finishing. It takes place in Victoria, British Columbia, and the inciting incident takes place in one of their historical buildings, Craigdarroch Castle. Doing a google or yahoo or whatever search on that name led me to several personal journal entries and pictures from tourists who'd recently visited there. Cool huh?

With that in mind, let me reintroduce you to my other blog at RondaGibbHinrichsen.com. On it, I will, from time to time, include pictures and/or personal thoughts/descriptions of some of the exotic places I've been. Right now, I have a few pictures of Lake Bled, Slovenia. Future entries are sure to come. I'm not sure which I'll include next, though. Maybe it will be China.

Hope this helps.


ali said...

Good idea Ronda! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Wright said...

oh make it China! I'll likely never get there so I can see it through your eyes!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Slovenia?? How cool is that!