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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Improve Your "Showing": Delete Thought Words

Here is a great post by a fellow writer with ideas that can help us improve our "showing." :)

Delete Thought Words--From Melissa J. Cunningham

"Our readers aren't stupid. We don't need to tell them what the mc is always thinking. If you describe the scene well, they'll get it. I write mostly YA and teens especially don't like to be told what is already obvious. It takes practice folks, and learning what to look for, but is vital to your writing. . . That means: DELETE thesewords from your story as much as possible. Thinks, knows, understands, realizes,believes, wants, remembers, imagines, desires, loves, hates, Is and Has. (and a hundred others in all their tenses and forms). . ." Read the entire article

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