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Monday, December 27, 2010

Report--Write Night

In my last post, I mentioned I was going to attend a 6 hour write night with other authors where all we did was write. Four authors, including me, attended. I began the night on page 113 of my WIP and I ended at 119. So, in six hours, I wrote six pages. It doesn't look really great, but for me and considering what I completed, I feel pretty good about. Sure, I wish I'd written more, but actually, during that time I:

1)--Skipped over a section that required research I'd left at home--frown.  I wrote a one sentence description of what needed to happen and then moved on.

2)--My writing was fairly bare-boned. I knew I'd need to flesh it out more later, but because I was trying to get as far into the story as I could, I just plowed forward.

3)--I wrote the bare bones of an entire chapter and began the second.

4)--While I did have a basic outline of events that still had to happen in the full novel, I hadn't yet created chapter outlines which incorporated the POV character's chapter goal. So some of that time was taken in more fully outlining 2 chapters. That information, alone, speeds my future writing.

5)--One of the other authors said we talked a little more than they usually do. I wonder . . . since this was my first time, was that my fault? And yet, that communication really helped me.

6)--I learned I'm not the only one who writes, pauses for varying lengths of time, then writes again. So validating!

As I said before, I only wrote 6 pages, but this morning, I got up early and filled in the missing information for that first chapter. After adding and subtracting--editing!--I'm now at page 121 and ready to move further into the next chapter. Still, that was only 2 pages in about 2 hours. Looks like I average about a page an hour. I wonder how I can break past that?

Overall, I feel the write night is quite beneficial, especially during days filled with hard-to-find alone writing time. In fact, I'd really like to go to the next one which is scheduled for 12 hours--noon to midnight. I wonder how I can make that one happen.

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kbrebes said...

I really think you've inspired me to start one of these write nights! Thanks!