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Monday, April 13, 2009

MISSING latest updates

Throughout my blurb gathering process, I've learned there were a few places in my book I wanted to tweak; so after talking with my editor, Linda Prince, about what worked best with her editing schedule--to revise it now and send it to her or to wait until she edited it so I could fix it all at once--I spent a lot of hours, including most of an entire day, last week going through my book again and editing some of the grammar and tweaking some of the scenes. I'm much more "at peace" with it now.

Meanwhile . . . I'm trying to move my thoughts back to my second novel. I only have a couple of chapters left to write of my first draft, and I really want it completed before I attend the Storymakers Conference on the 24th-25th. While it's kind of hard to switch my focus from MISSING's main character, Stacie Cox, to my new book's main character, Emi Warrin, I'm finding it's not quite as hard as I'd expected. A good thing.

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