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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Prize, A Promotion

This past weekend I attended the LDStorymaker's Conference, and my entry in the First Chapter Contest for Mystery/Suspense won second place! Yeah! It's so great to learn that not only did other writers (the judges) like my work, but also, after reading their comments, I was able to see I actually accomplished my goal: I "hooked" them to read more.

This contest gave me something else, too: a chance to advertise my book. Granted, only the judges actually read my chapter, but both my suggested title, "Flip-Flop," and my name were announced to the audience. Always a good thing.

Then, Saturday night, I attended the Whitney Award ceremony. Besides getting the chance to root for some of my friends--Yeah, Josi Kilpack! (she won the Mystery/Suspense category)--I was able to talk about "Flip-Flop" over a live Podcast. Fun stuff. The interviewers responded with "oohs" and shivers when I told them what my book was about. In fact, practically everyone I describe it to responds that way.

So, with that introduction, I'll describe it here, too: Flip-Flop is a romantic suspense novel about a young woman who recognizes then pursues a missing child while she's on a Christmas tour with her BYU-Idaho choir.

So there it is. Check back to learn when you can find Flip-Flop in a book store near you.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your win! I can't wait to read the book. It sounds great. :)

Rachelle said...

Congrats! Do you already have a publishing schedule for this book? It sounds great!

Michelle said...

Have you heard anything yet? I'm so glad I got to see you at the conference. I want to read Flip-Flop when it comes out! I read your other site: "My Favorite Things" as well. I'm impressed with all you do (and mystified about how you have time to do them). Keep writing! Please!